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“I didn’t create the taste buds, God did. I can’t put the juice in the watermelon, or the blue in the blueberry, but I love to see the smile on your face when you tell me ‘thats the way I remember it tasting!’.”

-Henry Detwiler

The Detwiler family built a farmer’s market inside of a grocery store. And it worked.

We began from humble roots, selling fresh fruits and veggies on the side of the road. Then we decided to take our little farm market to the next level. Detwiler’s Farm Market was born.

Our beloved flagship store at 6000 Palmer Blvd., in Sarasota, FL started it all. So much wholesome love and goodness is packed into this cozy market. Our original store epitomizes Detwiler’s.

Since then, we’ve built a store in Venice, and a store on University blvd., Sarasota/Bradenton.

At Detwiler’s, we buy local when possible. If we can buy high quality foods from within 100 miles, we do it. We believe in supporting the community and local economy.

And we love organic produce. There’s nothing better than fruits and veggies grown the way God intended.

And we hold our meat, seafood and deli products to the highest standard. We source from farms and ranches that do things right—from All-natural raised Salmon from Norway, to grass-fed beef from Missouri, to all-natural chicken from the low mountains of north Georgia. Your family’s health is our first priority.

We want you to feel welcome at Detwiler’s. Our knowledgeable and friendly associates are shining examples of the Detwiler’s Farm Market culture.

Wholesome, nutritious food at great prices and customer service beyond your expectations. This is what all customers deserve.

Welcome to Detwiler’s!


“Our goal is to exceed your expectations.” 

-Henry Detwiler

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