IMG_2673If you’re on a low carb diet, you might want to stay away from our Bakery.

If you’re not, then you’ll feel like a kid in a candy—er, cookie— store!

We’re not just peddling sweets, though. We also peddle wholesome, whole grain goodness. We bake our bread fresh every single day.

Buy a bag of bread at the supermarket. Then buy a loaf of ours. Ours will start to mold after 4 days. That’s how you know it was baked the right way. No preservatives. Nothing artificial. Just bread made the old fashioned way. We make sure that everything that goes out of our bakery is Mrs. Detwiler approved.

And we’re constantly improving. We’re using less sugar, we’re moving away from artificial sweeteners in our sugar-free products, and we’re moving towards using free-range eggs in all of our baked goods.

We want our cookies and pies to taste just like what grandma used to make, except we’re not trying to fatten you up like she was.


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