IMG_2562Produce is what we do best. It’s our bread and butter. Or our lettuce and berries, rather.

We started off selling fruit on the side of the road. Now we retail the most produce in town.

Produce is what Detwiler’s Farm Market is known for. It’s a farmer’s market inside of a grocery store.

At Detwiler’s it’s not uncommon to see a mountain of broccoli or a pyramid of sweet potatoes when you first walk in. Because we know at the end of the day—or even halfway through it— that mountain is going to turn into a hill. And that pyramid is going to turn into a small pile.

The fruits and veggies are the epitome of “Eat Fresh for Less.” We buy direct. We source locally when we can. We do everything in our power to provide you the freshest, healthiest harvest at the lowest price.

Our produce department is the envy of big supermarket chains. And we’ll do our best to impress you every single day.

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