All About Mamey

Mamey is a really unique fruit that grows very well in Florida. It has a flavor similar to a sweet potato pie with a fruity flavor. When you purchase one, allow it to soften at room temperature until you can easily indent the skin with finger pressure. Cut it open similar to how you cut an avocado and do not eat the pit. Eat it with a spoon and enjoy. It makes a great milkshake with vanilla ice cream!



Hello Fruit Hunters. I wanted to share with you a very exciting tropical fruit that grows right here in Florida. Florida actually has a reputation for growing this tropical fruit. It’s called Mamey. I want to cut into one and show you how easy it is. Like an avocado this fruit will be very firm and then will ripen suddenly. So, you got to watch it pay attention to it. They will not soften or ripen in the fridge. Leave it in a warm place on the counter. Once it ripens, you can then chill it if you’d like to. I eat mamey out of hand. It has a texture like a cooked sweet potato. But like I said, it really does taste like pumpkin pie. Sweet potato pie with a fruitiness but it’s very similar just to opening an avocado. It’s got this gorgeous, beautiful seed on the inside. Oh my goodness. So exciting. I absolutely love it. It’s really got a very gentle putting almost flan like texture.  It’s not native to Florida, but it’s native to Latin America. Mamey has been growing in Florida for ages.