Meet the Family

We've Come A Long Way. A Story Of God's Faithfulness And Amazing Grace.

It depends on who you ask when and where our story starts. For my older children it started when we sold produce and Amish barns and outdoor furniture in the late 90’s when we lived in Farmville, VA, or for most of them today they will tell you about the 10x20 tent at Sutter Egg Farm in Sarasota. Or some of them might say it started at Fruitville Grove Market where we learned so much about local Florida produce and our loyal Sarasota customer base was born. My youngest will say it was our Palmer store where we officially became Detwiler Farm Market that our story started.

But for me it started in Franconia, PA, as the grandson of a butcher Edgar Landis. Our Mennonite culture taught us to work with our parents and grandparents, so my brothers and I were taught the trade of butchering and retailing at Franconia Meats. Memories of cutting meat aside of my grandfather or helping him make scrapple our some of my favorite. Or helping my dad make sausage or grind hamburger or make deliveries to Landis Supermarket, our cousins who owned a “big” supermarket. As I got older the butcher shop and retailing became a big part of my life.

Growing up on a little 8 acre “farm” in Vernfield, PA taught me a few other things about life that serve me well today. Number three in a family of eight you learn to do your part and share, and I learned about simple and frugal eating and living. 

My dad loved farming better than butchering but to pay the bills needed a job so that’s how we ended up working for my grandfather. My grandfather, Arther Detwiler, was a farmer and I think he raised and butchered chickens to sell locally or to hucksters that pedaled them into Philadelphia. My favorite picture of him is an old black and white of him standing in the barn with a big smile on butchering day.  

I think it was my parents big garden that taught me how good “fresh” tastes. Also, how much hard work goes into a garden or farm to get good veggies or fruit, so I try to always respect the farmer. Remember the saying, “no farmer, no food”.

Some people ask about my passion for our bakery and I have to say it was my mom, memories of coming home from school and greeted with the sights and smells of her homemade bread hot out of the oven. She knew when to have it hot and fresh. It would not be good to tell you how many loaves of bread a couple of brothers and sisters can eat with margarine and honey or peanut butter and jelly. Was that really 45 years ago?  

She taught me how to knead the bread to make it softer and to add natural ingredients to make it stay fresh longer. I loved making cakes and she would teach me how cream the butters and sugars and not to over-mix or not to open the oven too often.

If I can boast a little, few people made a better homemade doughnut than my mom. Period. Her secret ingredient was love and of course her potatoes. I can hear her now telling me how important it is to get the lard hot enough, and to let them raise just right and how to slip them into the hot fat and flip them at just the right time. 

I remember the day I came home from my construction job because it was raining, and my wife Natalie and I made a batch of doughnuts, of course she already called my mom for her recipe and little tips. That was before google and all the other fun little ways we find recipes today.

This started something that we still like to do together as a family. Natalie is a great teacher and has taught our five daughters to bake and cook. My four sons married wives that cook and bake you should see our holiday table. Many of my best memories include food and family. 

My produce days take me back some forty plus years to route 113 and Franconia to a little farm stand that we called Windy Acres Farm Market. 

It's hard to tell you this part of my story, my older brother Arlin who passed away suddenly a couple years ago was a big part of my start in produce. He loved to farm and made planting, hoeing weeds and harvesting look easy and fun. It wasn’t fun or easy for me instead my back from from picking vegetables and my brother would usually have to help me finish weeding my row.  

As much as Arlin liked farming, I liked the market the buying and selling, the interaction with customers. Bringing them fresh produce. He would pick fresh sweetcorn for them every day. I would find homegrown cantaloupes, watermelons, vine ripe tomatoes, strawberries, peaches, apples, grapes and cherries mostly local and seasonal produce. Mom and my sisters would make fresh baked goodies like shoofly pies, sticky buns or apple pies and funny cakes. 

That was yesterday.

Today produce continues to be our #1 department and we continue to want to grow it into something even better for you our loyal customer. Remember “Eat fresh for less” isn’t a slogan. It’s the way we do business!

-Henry Detwiler, Sr.

Henry Sr. & Natalie

I like to talk about my faith in God and my Savior Jesus Christ and am not ashamed of my culture that taught me honesty and humility and the golden rule as a way of life.  While attending a Bible school I met Natalie LaRaviere (who was from Sarasota, Florida), and it was love at first sight!  On my first trip to Florida, I fell in love with Sarasota too. We got married in 1985 and spent the first year selling produce in the summer and cutting meat in the winter.  In 1986 we moved to Sarasota with our baby girl Laura. The next 10 or so years for  us were filled with family, church and work. From concrete pump work, to building a log home, homeschooling, butchering for friends, to working for a charity in South Florida rebuilding after Hurricane Andrew the Detwiler family grew and worked together. In the late 90’s we moved to Virginia and had a little Country Market where we sold produce and Amish furniture and sheds. In the early 2000’s we were back again in Sarasota where we helped a local egg farmer grade and pack eggs. It was here we started selling produce in Sarasota. It was God along with my family that helped me grow from a small tent to five farm markets where we sell lots of  fresh produce, meats and seafood, in store bakery, old fashioned deli meats and cheeses, and groceries all with a mission of bringing glory to God by treating others as we want to be treated.  Pictured with their 3 youngest (from L to R):

GRACE (7th of 9)

I work full time in our bakeries. I love, no I’m actually obsessed with baking, whether it’s at work or at home.

EMILY (9th of 9)

I love baking cupcakes. I also enjoy school. I enjoy playing with my nieces and nephews. I help out in the stores sometimes.

VICKI (8th of 9)

I’m a social butterfly and thrive on my relationships with my friends. I enjoy school and I help out in my family’s store when I can.

Laura (Detwiler) Schrock

I am Laura Detwiler Schrock, the oldest of the Detwiler family.  I am married to Arlin since June 2006 and we have five children.  I am a stay at home mom. I love making our home comfortable for our family and guests and thoroughly enjoy baking and cooking. My husband is a farmer and we reside in Oregon. Arlin enjoys music and skeet shooting.


Sam Detwiler

I’m the 2nd oldest in the Detwiler family and also the president of Detwiler’s Farm Market. I am very much hands on with the daily operation of the company. My wife (Resa) and I have four children; Alexis, Kaden, Dawson and Trey. I’ve worked alongside my Dad in our store as long as I can remember. My wife tries to support me in all of my big ideas. My wife used to work in the store before we had any children but now is a stay at home mom and helps out occasionally when she can. Alexis has her daddy’s personality and loves to go to work with Dad any chance she gets! Our boys are busy, typical boys who love trucks, balls and dirt.

Henry J. Detwiler

I’m Henry James, the 3rd child in the Detwiler family line. I am vice president of the company and oversee the daily operations in each of the stores from adjusting displays, monitoring payroll numbers, keeping departments flowing smoothly, hiring new members to the team, jumping in a department to help out when it’s needed, developing employee efficiency, and educating our team on our culture. Aside from work, I enjoy skeet shooting and hunting. I also enjoy working with the Gator Wilderness Boys’ Camp when the opportunity arises. My wife Lisa and I have 3 sons, Wyatt, Brantley, and Blake. Our boys keep Lisa busy and she enjoys cooking and baking for our family.

Caleb Detwiler

I’m Caleb, the 4th child in the family. I buy produce for the company. I’m the man negotiating great deals for you behind the scenes. I’m Sam’s assistant, filling in wherever I’m needed. My wife, Shavonne, and I have a daughter, Taegan and 2 sons, Caleb Jr. and Judah, and one on the way. My wife and I met when Shavonne worked for us. She helped out in our first three stores from high school age until the birth of our first child. Taegan absolutely loves the outdoors, giving water to her “moo-moos”, feeding Aunt Grace’s dog, Daisy, and going for rides on the Ranger with Daddy. Our boys love being outdoors with the animals, playing in the dirt or taking 4-wheeler rides.

Dorcas (Detwiler) Keim

I’m Dorcas, the 5th child in the family. I used to work full time in the store. I helped start the deli departments in our first three stores. My favorite part about working was the customers. I’m super passionate about Down Syndrome children and did some volunteering at the local Oak Park School. I’m married to Brandon Keim and we have two awesome sons. I’m currently a stay at home mom raising our little boys, Ezekiel, who we call Zeke, and Lucas.  Zeke loves to play ball and his favorite fruit is bananas. Zeke is enjoying school and both boys love to be in the kitchen with me, helping me cook. My husband works with Detwiler’s Farm Market in facilities and maintenance.

Josh Detwiler

I’m Josh, the 6th child in the family. I am director of the deli departments in our stores. I have grown up in our stores, working alongside my Dad and brothers. My wife, Emily, and I have two sons, Josh Jr. and Jaxon and are expecting our third child. When I’m not working, you can find me with my wife and sons at home, out fishing or shooting with my brothers. Josh Jr. cannot ever get his fill of swinging.