A Cut Above The Rest

We're an old-fashioned butcher shop that does things right. You can expect to get the freshest, best tasting custom cuts of meat available, all while being met by friendly and well trained butchers. 

We have all the essentials as well as unique products that are hard to find anywhere else. We source our meat from farmers we trust and guarantee top quality.

Fifth Generation Butchers Doing It Right

The Detwiler's come from a long line of butchers and understand how to get the best quality products to our customers each day. We'll even offer tips for how to prepare your selection in the best way. 

Hand Trimmed Custom Cuts

Some Of Our Farmers

Dakota | Colorado

Dakota 100% Grass Fed is fed only grass and forage from weaning to harvest. The cattle used for Dakota never receive grain, added growth hormones or antibiotics at any time in their lives. Dakota 100% Grass Fed Organic cattle are produced under the strict standards of the USDA’s National Organic Program. 


Mountaire Farms | North Carolina

Mountaire Farms, founded in 1914, is a family-owned and operated chicken processing company with more than 10,000 employees at our facilities in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Arkansas. They are proud to be One Health Certified, a label that provides optimal health outcomes for animals, consumers and the environment. 


Perfect Pasture | New Zealand

100% grass-fed beef is all they do, and they're passionate about it. Perfect Pasture has been in the premium grass-fed meat business for over 30 years. The temperate climate, abundant sunshine and ample rainfall in New Zealand create the perfect environment to grow great grass-fed beef, never confined, free to roam and graze at will. Put simply, great grass-fed beef comes from great pastures! 


Stop Settling for Anything Less Than the Best, No Matter Your Budget

At Detwiler’s you’ll experience a different kind of grocery shopping adventure.


Fresh Food

Hometown Feel

Great Deals

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