Easter: A Time For Hope

Easter is a time of planting, a time of hope. Growing up in Pennsylvania, we could hardly wait for winter to pass so we could plant the garden.  Mom would sometimes plant some lettuce or other vegetables in a little raised bed and would cover it with some old windows we had laying around the farm.  It seems I can still taste that lettuce and spring onions on a piece of buttered, homemade bread.

Easter is so much more than planting new gardens, eggs, chicks or bunnies even though every year someone always has to buy some chicks for the children and I’m the first to fall for it myself.  Easter is hope for the lost and life after death, faith for the fearful, and healing for the hurting. Easter in some ways says it’s okay to suffer, to die, to let go and let God… because God gave us His Son, to bleed and to die for you and for me. Easter says Christ lives, He conquered death and the tomb. He paid the penalty of sin and through faith in Him we too can have victory and life eternal. Hallelujah!

It’s sort of a tradition for our church and family to have an Easter sunrise service out at the farm, where we’re reminded that Jesus lives, we worship Him as we sing the old hymns of His Resurrection and hear a message of His amazing grace. Every year we have an Easter brunch with everyone bringing a
dish or two and the cooks making sure there’s plenty for all. We look forward to this time with our friends and family.

The Detwiler family wishes you all a blessed Easter. Remember that Jesus died so we can live. Let’s plant some seeds of love and kindness together as well as the seeds of hope and peace in the lives of those around us.

– Henry Detwiler Sr.